International transport

hub-sDaily departures with transit times predefined inside the Europe

The international service has been created in order that the requests be successful more and more in increase for the move of little forwarding of goods palletised inside the European market. Our clients now can take advantage so of a flexible and fast service towards each European destination.

The offered service, strategicamente unites the experience of premises of a net of more than 250 Concessionaires with the operative ability of placed hub in the whole Europe, giving shape so to a unique of its kind infrastructure able to supply an innovative service for the distribution.

The local hub guarantees daily departures assisted by an advanced information system that helps the clients to plan the own forwarding knowing with certitude the times of returned. In fact the system Track and on-line Trace lets follow the forwarding with the beginning of the journey to the final delivery.

Palletways each day distributes and withdraws goods offering 2 service levels: Premium and Economy that offer an efficient solution for you and your client inside the Europe.

Premium : it is the swiftest solution. Customer ce Servi and information support are thought to offer information and transparence in each phase of the delivery.

Economy : greater flexibility on the delivery times, but with the same advantages offered by the service Premium .

  • An Only Partner
  • Guaranteed daily departures
  • Total Control of the shipment
  • Simple and clear rates